What is Standing in Your Way?

It is easy to blame others for not having enough time. Easy to cite all the things we need to do, as well as the things that we want to do. I’ve been there, making all the excuses. They work faster, they’re younger, smarter, have more help, a supportive partner, or family, an endless list.

It’s so easy to sit on the sidelines, whining. Last week I faced myself down and decided that I was my own biggest obstacle.


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When I assessed it there was loads of time, hours that I frittered away.After years at work, I am now able to be at home. I have no boss to answer to, no time schedule to keep. I had aeons of time, my problem was with me.

Like many people, I am at my most productive early in the day. Instead of writing then, which was what I ‘d declared I most wanted to do. I was reading and replying to emails, clicking on Facebook, checking the news. When I ‘d finished doing all that I hit an energy slump and I’d run out of time.The biggest obstacle in my way was ME. What a sobering thought,

If I never try I can never fail. Was what I was telling myself? It was a moment of self-enlightenment.

Things had to change, so I’ve altered my morning routine and I think for the better.STOPI will not allow myself to go onto the Internet until I have done at least one hour of writing. It’s been surprisingly easy and I still check emails and Facebook. Now though, I feel a sense of accomplishment- because I have kept my promise to myself and have actually been writing.

Are you standing n your own way?


Let me know in the comments.

Author: soniabellhouse

Sonia Bellhouse is the author of Fire & Ice, a Scandi-timeslip romance about ice dancing, Norway and Vikings. She is also a contributor to Passages, a short story anthology and a contributor to Writing the Dream, an anthology for published writers both published by Serenity Press. In 2012she won two major awards in the inaugural Rockingham Short Fiction contest. Sonia's articles and stories are published in various magazines both in Australia and the UK. These include Good reading, Today's Bride, That's Life! and That's Life! Fast Fiction in Australia and Yours, The People's Friend and Best of British in the Uk. Sonia worked as a book reviewer for two years. An avid reader and writer of multiple genres she facilitated a local book club for eleven years. She reluctantly decided to give it up, to concentrate on her writing. Sonia is a long time member of a writers group, regularly engaging authors to present workshops to the group. Sonia enjoys catching up with friends, ignoring the ironing in favour of playing with her cat and learning new things. She's taken several online courses with Future Learn and The University of Iowa for both writing and non-writing topics.

6 thoughts on “What is Standing in Your Way?”

  1. Sonia, I dug this post because it’s exactly what I’ve done in the last few months.
    Now can’t believe why I thought emails so important, they’re the biggest time
    waster ever. To your writing pleasure and success.


  2. I never thought I would come across this piece of writing somewhere anytime, and here I did. I have been there and I think everyone of us has changed some roles in our life in the face of internet. There are lots of platforms over the internet that we can close ourselves to it, some of them are really time wasters. When Internet was born, most of us thought that all the aspects can be used, but with time, we realised that just a few we can keep for our own good use. I’ve left face book, I got tired of making friends virtually, I came to my senses that being in front of a screen, this is not friendship and it was too heavy to continue. I check only my emails at once every week. And I do my blogging at least one a week a post, or if I get the time to do a second post then I do it. I dedicate my time to my work and my family life.


    1. It can be a wonderful way to connect or reconnect, but also a time waster. My dear friend contacted me in 2013- after I had been looking for her for years- it was a joy to be in touch again. Shewasis the Uk and I in Australia

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      1. It was same for me too. I lost touch with lots of school friends for many years. And face book was a way to reconnect. But It did not work. there were too many confusions, misunderstandings, jealousy – lots of characters that did not attach, I tried to remain at face book for many long years, but it went to worse, they don’t come to chat, they don’t use face book. They didn’t want to chat at things that were challenging. Only they love to want private news of private life, and this kind of friendship was not me. I left my country many years ago, and perhaps I look at the world in another view compared to them. I had let go of face book and stranded friendships. I am loving life the way it is now than virtual. I have realised that it is better.


      2. Sometimes we change and grow apart – they were part of your life journey and you have moved in different directions. Life is for living and enjoying it is not a competition to see who has the ‘perfect’ life! x

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