Books that I read this month.

Long before I was writer I was a reader and before that I begged to be read to or to be told a story. Stories have always been an important part of my life .I read quite a lot and   generally have a TBR ( To Be Read) pile of books lurking somewhere .I can have two or three books on the go at once and can read happily while the TV is on. I buy books, I borrow books   and  I am a frequent library user. I wouldn’t snoop in your house- but I would look at your bookcase.As well as more general fiction I have a collection of books on  the craft of writing  and have read many more.



May 2017-

The Long Weekend: Veronica Henry

This is Now: Ciara Geraghty

Being a Woman: Caitlin Moran

Just One Damned Thing After Another: Jodi Taylor

My Book of the Month: Just One Damned things After Another  

My Review.

A Delight of a Book, a Romp , a Wild Adventure.

St Mary’s institute of Historical Research sounds just like the usual dull academic establishment until you realise that the historians research history in real-time by going back to the exact time and location of specific events. There are safeguards to protect the integrity of history.
Madeline  Maxwell “Max” is a new recruit and her training and subsequent adventures form this book.
Events can be complicated and one false move can spell disaster for Max and her companions.
Max’s first visit is during World War One, then on to the Cretaceous era and finally the Great Library at Alexandria.
Historians ,technicians, security, medics and research and development are all on the staff, but are they all on the same side? Friends and enemies have to cooperate to stay one step ahead.
I really can’t remember enjoying a book as much as I did this one in a very long time. It kept me amused, entertained and cheering the team on. Very much looking forward to reading book two.

Narrowly beat  This is Now – which is another great read,



June 2017

A Night on the Orient Express: Veronica Henry

The Florentine Bridge : Vanessa Carnevale

Happy Endings: Trisha Ashley

A Symphony of Echoes Jodi Taylor

Only in Naples Katherine Wilson

The Nightingale: Kristen Hannah.

Second Chance by Jodi Taylor

My Book of the Month: The Nightingale: Kristen Hannah.

My Review

In my opinion there aren’t enough superlatives to describe The Nightingale What a tour de force, truthful, never over sensationalized a wonderful book.  It gives such an unflinching picture of what it is like to live in an occupied country. How fear can hold an entire community in its grip and how small acts of rebellion can have huge consequences.

Sisters Vianne and Isabelle are as different as sisters could be and have a mostly uneasy relationship, wartime will change everything for them and between them.

As one of them explains how war was for women” for us it was a shadow war. There were no parades for us when it was over, no medals, no mentions in the history books”

After reading this one can only conclude that there should have been and this book goes some way to redress the balance.

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