Writing Tips

My 5 Writing Tips

1. Read- read voraciously. Read beyond your usual genres and try nonfiction too. Analyse what worked/what didn’t – were the characters too predictable? An unconvincing plot/or flat characters?

2. Write- show up and give yourself permission to write rubbish, once you release those pressure expectations you will find some of your work has value

3. Criticism- Ask the right people-don’t ask family or friends, they love you and won’t want to hurt you. Instead find writers, ones who will be honest with you and be prepared to return the favour. Ignore your Inner Critic-, that insidious voice which whispers “who will want to read that?” The saddest words in the English language are—what might have been

4 Stretch! No one wants writers’ slump, so stretch at your desk, swim, or walk the dog. Stretch mentally too, attend writing events, go to an art gallery or museum, attend a concert or go to a play.

5 Luck—Luck is often the result of taking a risk, entering a contest, speaking to an editor, or thanking an author. The media loves an “overnight” success, but probe beyond the headlines and you’ll find most writers have been quietly working away for years.