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Creativity to my mind is a great expander of minds and horizons. To create something is to give the world a glimpse of your uniqueness. What we create is personal, the sum of us in fact. Without our imagination, our empathy and our lived experience to differentiate us; we would merely copy someone else. We do that when we follow an instruction sheet, or a pattern.


It’s when we decide to make something of our own design, or out of our imagination in writing that creativity flourishes. Have you ever written something and later re-read it and said ’Wow, I created that?’ To me, that encompasses the mysterious equation of creativity. It takes you out of and beyond yourself, taps into your subconscious, and even at times enlightens you as to how you think.


So welcome to Creative Pathways


All items remain © S.D.Bellhouse and may not be quoted without permission.








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