Gift Giving for the Bewildered.

Bewildered describes most of us at this time of the year, as inspiration and energy are in short supply.

What are you hoping will be in your stocking?


Men generally want to please the woman in their life and this makes them the perfect target for hard- selling salespeople. Those who happily assure them that’ She will love this,’ about everything imaginable, from a wok and up to a camper van and accessories.



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Ladies, do the guys a favour and let them know what you do want.Leave out catalogues and magazines with the items that you would like circled in bold marker pen and tell them that you have done so.


No need to be subtle!


With a bit of luck, you might get something that you want and can use. Then, your cries of pleasure will be genuinely meant, while the man in your life will have bought you something that you actually wanted.


think beyond boxers this year.


Please don’t give the men in your life the usual socks and jocks which they have come to expect. Think more imaginatively. Of course, you should have been listening for clues all year, for those items they moan that they need and have not got. It’s not too late!

Frestock hot air balloons

Think experience– a plane flight, a brewery tour, a home brewing class, a paintballing session. Think fun, whatever their kind of fun is-concert tickets, footy tickets, Harley rides, hot air ballooning. Even think practical if you must and buy the screwdriver set that they wanted or the more expensive version of the old faithful saw or drill. Mr Practical will be delighted.


Now for the Christmas feast, should you do the whole traditional bit or something a bit lighter with a more contemporary feel? To some extent it depends on your climate, what is appealing on freezing winter day does not hold the same appeal in an Antipodean summer.

christmas-table-1909797_1280 (1)

My answer is to keep the bits of tradition that I like and discard the rest.So I set a colourful Christmas table and pick and choose what I serve. The turkey. or chicken may be served cold with salads or it may be served warm.The only Christmas pudding lover gets an individual pudding and it may come with ice cream!

After all, Christmas is supposed to be about celebrations and joy and not suffering, just because everyone expects it.So why should the cook slave away?Anyone who complains can be enlisted to help, which will allow them to appreciate the amount of work involved.

With confidence and some forward planning, the festive season can be fun for everybody and that includes the harassed woman who is usually at the centre of it.

Absorb your seasonal lessons, what went wrong this year and what went right. Plan to have an even better time next year. Oh, and quick reminder- never decorate your Christmas tree twice,free-christmas-vectors-28

Author: soniabellhouse

Sonia Bellhouse loves writing and reading stories with a ‘happily ever after ’ending. She believes we all need love in our lives. Sonia writes Regency and Viking steamy romances. Her book Fire & Ice is a contemporary and Viking romance, with plans to reissue. She’s a member of Romance Writers of Australia. An ex-pat Brit, Sonia happily calls Australia home. She will always ignore the ironing in favour of playing with her cats. You can find her on Facebook Or her Chatting with Authors page

5 thoughts on “Gift Giving for the Bewildered.”

  1. Great advice, Sonia. I tend to drop hints to my family or otherwise I end up with stuff that eventually makes its way to the charity shop.


  2. Good tips. A few years ago I started to write out my gift list for my husband. He was so paralyzed about getting me the right thing, that he would get me nothing. That did not go over well. I think I’ve finally gotten him to understand that it’s not about the cost, it’s about the thought.

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