Memories Of Midnight.

Midnight was a rescue cat, and we shared a deep bond.He would accompany me everywhere- even to visit our neighbours. People said’ he’s more like a dog than a cat.’ He was a tough veteran when we got him, but he displayed the sweetest nature. Sadly ,after only being together for three years and three months, he was killed in an accident. I felt as though my heart was broken, and that I’d never love another  animal in the same way.I had never shared such a deep connection with any animal.

Three years and three months later the black cat who I would call Mystic walked along our driveway and demanded to be let in. When I saw him in the garden under the tree that Midnight used to sit under I wrote this poem

Midnight in the garden
Midnight in the garden




Memories of Midnight.

I see you there, beneath the tree

Sharpening claws just like he

Used to in that very place.

It is an unexpected grace.

Seeming so familiar and dear

As if he could just appear.

A streak of blackness, passing through

Returned to me, somehow in you.

Oh, I know you are not the same!

Forget and call a well-loved name

Realise, I’ll not see him again

And welcome then the burst of pain.

Mostly though, you give me joy

Remembering my precious boy.

People say ‘it’s just a cat,

Oh you’ll soon get over that’

As if it were a lesser love

And you have no right to grieve.

In the places of my heart

You know there is a space apart.

Secure, enclosed and wholly yours,

Where sunshine and shadow still endures,

Blackness bounding lightly on long grass

The brightest eyes, warm as amber glass.

Oh the welcome in your meow

How I long to hear it now!

Loving you brings joy and pain

Yet, I have dared to love again

Another cat, with blackest fur

And a warm resounding purr.


Here is photo of Mystic and IMystic and me

Author: soniabellhouse

Sonia Bellhouse is the author of Fire & Ice, a Scandi-timeslip romance about ice dancing, Norway and Vikings. She is also a contributor to Passages, a short story anthology and a contributor to Writing the Dream, an anthology for published writers both published by Serenity Press. In 2012she won two major awards in the inaugural Rockingham Short Fiction contest. Sonia's articles and stories are published in various magazines both in Australia and the UK. These include Good reading, Today's Bride, That's Life! and That's Life! Fast Fiction in Australia and Yours, The People's Friend and Best of British in the Uk. Sonia worked as a book reviewer for two years. An avid reader and writer of multiple genres she facilitated a local book club for eleven years. She reluctantly decided to give it up, to concentrate on her writing. Sonia is a long time member of a writers group, regularly engaging authors to present workshops to the group. Sonia enjoys catching up with friends, ignoring the ironing in favour of playing with her cat and learning new things. She's taken several online courses with Future Learn and The University of Iowa for both writing and non-writing topics.

7 thoughts on “Memories Of Midnight.”

  1. A beautiful poetic tribute, Sonia. I can relate to your sense of loss for Midnight – I too had an incredibly strong connection with a cat that only shared my life for three years before she went missing, never to be seen again. I grieved deeply, to the confusion of some who said ‘it’s only a cat’.


    1. Thank you Teena. .Love is love and our connections are not are not simply with humans. In fact, I believe that we connect with some animals on a soul level. Midnight was my soul cat- a once in a lifetime experience I think. We grieve for all the time that we might have shared together.Those people who say ‘it’s only a cat’ would never understand.


  2. arrrh, cats are loving animals. I had a cat when I was a teenager, but she loved mum and dad more than me because they took care of her more than I did hahaha – suppose I was in my silly teenager years lol! I don’t know what happened of her, I should find out one day.


    1. Many cats just dissapear- sadly there are cat haters out there. Cats are lovely companions and I think they respond to you the more you interact witht them.Thats why your cat was more affectionate woth your parents-they fed her.

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      1. I was a busy teenager. I was an avid reader, the minute I finished reading a book, I started to read another one. My life was more at books than other things when I was a teenager.


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