Question to Ask Yourself at Year’s End

One word for 2018 what will it be?

 Time for a bit of self-reflection?Writng Form Unpalsh by Green Chamelon

Did you do what you said you would this year?

Did you keep the promises that you made to yourself and to others?

Are you nearer your goal?

Are you proud of what you have achieved this year?

Did you use this precious year wisely?

OR did you fritter your time away?

For many of us, the end of the year is both a time of celebration, but also for self-reflection. Sparkler from Unspalsh


I was already considering what I had achieved this year when a prompt popped up on my Facebook feed from Karen McDermott of Serenity Press 2018 Norwood themesShe asked a simple question.’ What is your word for 2018?’

The idea was to choose a single word that included all the concepts and things that you wanted to achieve in the next twelve months. Many people had replied with their word choice and many of their words resonated with me. Yet,none seemed exactly right 

It nagged away at me, I kept reading and thinking ,but my perfect word eluded me . It simmered away in my brain as words were tried and then discarded. While I applauded other people’s choices, no one word felt right to me.

My word appeared when I was writing my early morning pages. I noted down a few words, Progressing, Enjoying, Completing. And then suddenly I thought’ I need to focus,’ and there it was , my perfect word


Focus, to pay close attention

So focus on I want to achieve in my writing and in my personal life.

Reflecting on this year, it was easy to see that I had not focused .Instead, I had done things that appealed to me without asking do they further my ultimate goals?

So this year my writing focus is on completing the first draft of my novel and then editing it. After that? Who knows?

My personal focus is one shared by many, improving my health by losing weight. I haven’t been paying attention and it shows. Time to get back on track.

Will you choose Focus as your word of the year , or does something different appeal? Please let me know.


Author: soniabellhouse

Sonia Bellhouse is the author of Fire & Ice, a Scandi-timeslip romance about ice dancing, Norway and Vikings. She is also a contributor to Passages, a short story anthology and a contributor to Writing the Dream, an anthology for published writers both published by Serenity Press. In 2012she won two major awards in the inaugural Rockingham Short Fiction contest. Sonia's articles and stories are published in various magazines both in Australia and the UK. These include Good reading, Today's Bride, That's Life! and That's Life! Fast Fiction in Australia and Yours, The People's Friend and Best of British in the Uk. Sonia worked as a book reviewer for two years. An avid reader and writer of multiple genres she facilitated a local book club for eleven years. She reluctantly decided to give it up, to concentrate on her writing. Sonia is a long time member of a writers group, regularly engaging authors to present workshops to the group. Sonia enjoys catching up with friends, ignoring the ironing in favour of playing with her cat and learning new things. She's taken several online courses with Future Learn and The University of Iowa for both writing and non-writing topics.

5 thoughts on “Question to Ask Yourself at Year’s End”

  1. Sonia, I smiled when I read this. Our thinking is on the same track – I too saw Karen’s post about a word for the coming year and had no trouble at all coming up with ‘Focus’. I have done my usual butterfly flit from appealing project to project throughout 2017 and while there is much I have achieved that gives me a sense of satisfaction, my novels remain incomplete. We can encourage each other to maintain focus! Wishing you a wonderfully creative 2018.


  2. Teena, I saw that we both had chosen the same word. Like you I have been ‘butterfly flitting’ from project to project and of course my NaNoWriMo project id there and unfinished although past the 50,000 words. It would be great to form our own cheer squad and to encourage each other. Wishing you too a wonderfully cretaive and magical 2018


  3. Focus is a great word! I sometimes find my attention is fragmented between too many projects running at the same time with the result that I make little progress. My old taid used to say “Don’t have too many irons in the fire!” Being a perfectionist doesn’t help me either, so my word is going to be BALANCE. My motto for 2018 is: “Balance is essential. Perfection is UN- nececessary!!
    Happy New Year, Sonia. May our dreams naturally manifest in 2018 as we live, and enjoy, the present moment 💜💚


    1. It sounds lkie we have the same problem, wantingt to do too much! Luckily I am not a perfctionist as well ,but I cna see that make life more challenging,.Happy New Year dear Elizabeth, may our dreams naturally maifest in 2018 xx

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